Fixing Your Concrete Driveway

Signs Your Concrete Slab Is Failing

by Gavin Jackson

A concrete slab can be the foundation for many types of buildings. When you glance at your garage or outbuilding, you often overlook the flooring, especially if it's concrete. But if you're noticing some changes in these areas, especially around the concrete slab, it could be an indication of a major underlying problem. Here are some things to keep an eye out for when it comes to a concrete foundation or slab.  

Cracking or Buckling of Floor

If the ground in or around a concrete slab or sidewalk is saturated with water, it can start to destroy the underlayment where the concrete was placed. The ground becomes unstable and eventually starts to breakdown. This can cause cracking in the concrete and, in the future, buckling of the concrete slab. This can lead to extensive damage and eventually the breakdown of the foundation of a garage or building. 

To fill in minor cracks, some homeowners choose to fix the problem with a ready-mix concrete. Using ready-mix concrete is a good way to patch up an issue temporarily, but calling in a concrete contractor should be a priority. They will be able to come out and analyze the issue and extent of damage. Using specific concrete pumping methods, contractors can help resolve the issue and provide a permanent fix. 

Warped or Cracked Drywall

Aside from water, concrete is one of the most used materials on the planet. This means concrete delivery is readily available in most parts of the US. It's found in almost every building foundation because it's durable and easy to use. If you're noticing subtle changes in your drywall that is attached to a concrete slab, there could be a problem below the surface. 

Uneven ground underneath the concrete can cause the structure of a building to fail or collapse. One initial sign of that is a wall beginning to warp or crack. Before you repair drywall or any other type of wall, be sure to inspect the concrete slab first. Making this repair can save you money on future construction costs. 

Gaps or Spaces Between Windows and Doors

A subtle sign of a troubled concrete foundation can appear as gaps in doors and windows. Garage doors that no longer operate properly, or come off their track are a tell-tale sign of an uneven foundation. 

Windows that don't shut smoothly or doors that won't open or shut properly may also be an indication of a foundation issue. When concrete breaks down and shifts, so do other structural components sitting on top of the slab. 

If you are noticing any issues with your concrete on your property, don't hesitate to fix them. This may involve calling your contractor to have them inspect the foundation to check for abnormalities. Don't forget about routine concrete maintenance too. The goal is for a smooth, supportive concrete slab foundation for years to come. 

Contact a local concrete delivery service to learn more.