Fixing Your Concrete Driveway

What Are The Benefits Of Residential Mudjacking Services?

by Gavin Jackson

Over time, the concrete in your pavement or basement floor may sink due to settling and soil erosion. It creates an unsafe and ugly appearance, and you should take measures to revert it to its original position. One way to do that is by contacting mudjacking or concrete lifting services. It's a simple process where contractors drill holes into the concrete, inject ports and slurry filler to fill the gaps, and patch the holes using caulking to create a level ground. The job is always very effective as it returns your floor to its original position without leaving any marks showing repair work has been done. Below is an overview of the benefits of residential mudjacking.

It Saves Time and Money 

It can be time-consuming and expensive if you decide to replace the entire slab. That's because it involves tasks such as removing the entire slab, digging, and preparing the soil before installing a new one. The job also requires several technicians, and it can be very costly. On the other hand, the mudjacking process is a simple one that requires only one repair technician, and it takes a few hours. You restore your floor to its original functioning while saving money by avoiding expensive repair costs. 

Protects the Environment

Any construction work, including concrete repair, must comply with environmental safety standards. Concrete lifting through mudjacking is an environmentally safe exercise in different ways. First, it involves using natural materials such as a slurry mixture of clay, sand, and Portland cement, meaning it doesn't involve chemicals that may affect the environment. Second, it involves drilling rather than digging holes, making it a non-invasive repair exercise as you'll complete the job without damaging your house or neighbors' property. Lastly, it doesn't involve using large equipment such as tracks and mixers, which can create noise nuisance in residential neighborhoods.

Quality Repairs

Mudjacking services offer you quality repair work. The slurry mixture of clay sand and cement offers outstanding support for your pavement and basement floors. The material solidifies your foundations, and you won't even notice the difference between new and old concrete at the end of the repair work. Moreover, unlike pouring a new slab, concrete lifting blends with your old slabs without affecting the aesthetics.


Are you struggling with an unlevel slab or sinking concrete in your pavement or basement floors? Fix the problem as soon as possible and protect the structural integrity of your home by contacting residential mudjacking services. They offer quick, quality, and environmentally-friendly repairs.

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