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Why Your Asphalt Driveway Needs to Be Sealcoated

by Gavin Jackson

If you have an asphalt driveway, then you need to know about sealcoating. You may need to have your driveway sealcoated every few years to protect it from damage. Here are reasons sealcoating is necessary for an asphalt driveway and details about how it's done.

Reasons Your Driveway Needs A Sealcoat

Asphalt naturally deteriorates with age. Exposure to rain and UV rays over the years causes asphalt to fade, crack, and crumble. Sealcoating slows down the aging of the asphalt by creating a waterproof barrier on top of your driveway that blocks rain and UV rays.

Another benefit of sealcoating is that it restores a dark color to your driveway that helps it look fresh and new. The coating covers up faded areas so your driveway doesn't look old and washed out.

Sealcoating Needs To Be Done Regularly

A sealcoat isn't permanent. Instead, it wears away gradually, and that's to be expected. It sustains damage rather than the asphalt. You'll need the sealcoat applied every few years depending on how much wear and tear your driveway gets.

Winter Is Not A Suitable Time For Sealcoating

Unless you live in a tropical climate where it's warm all year, you need to schedule the work for a warm time of the year. Summer is a good time as long as the temperatures are not extremely hot. Plus, the work needs to be done in dry weather. Your asphalt sealcoating service helps you select the best time to have a sealcoat put on your driveway so it adheres well and cures fast.

Sealcoating Puts your Driveway Out Of Service

A sealcoat is similar to paint in the way it is applied and how it has to dry. Your driveway has to be cleared off before the coating is applied. You won't be able to use the driveway until your contractor tells you it's okay. It might be a day or two until you can drive and park on it safely depending on the weather conditions.

Stains Should Be Removed First

Your driveway needs to be free of leaves and other debris before the sealcoating is applied. Oil stains should also be removed. The sealcoating service may clean your driveway for an added cost, but you might want to do it yourself. If you use degreasing products and wash the asphalt, do it in advance so the driveway has plenty of time to dry thoroughly before the contractor brushes or sprays on the coating.

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