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5 Common Concrete Ready Mix Questions Answered

by Gavin Jackson

If you want to avoid resource and material wastage when constructing a commercial or residential building, you should consider concrete ready-mix solutions.

Ready-mix concrete is supplied to the client's site for immediate use. The concrete adheres to project specifications and ratio. The mixture is prepared offsite, and it offers worksite convenience when placing concrete slabs or your foundation.

Before you choose concrete ready-mix applications, you need to know the fundamentals, benefits, and demerits of ready-mix concrete compared to traditional mixing on site.

Does Concrete Ready Mix Differ From Normal Concrete?

The major variance between concrete ready mix and normal concrete is in the preparation and location where it's prepared. Ready-mix concrete is prepared on a third-party site. It's then loaded into special trucks that deliver the mix to your site. It's mixed under calibrated conditions meaning it guarantees quality and fast project completion. Normal concrete is mixed on-site.

What Are The Applications For Ready Mix Concrete?

Concrete ready-mix is applied in different construction projects. It suits residential builds, commercial building projects, large-scale constructions, roads, driveways, and home patios. You'll benefit from the convenience and cost-efficiency that comes with readily available concrete for your project.

What Are the Benefits Of Ready Mix Concrete?

When you opt for a concrete ready-mix, you stand to gain from quality concrete supply, eco-friendly application, and reduced costs.

Reduced Waste

Concrete ready-mix is handled professionally during preparation. It saves cement usage since the process is highly regulated and measured to fit a client's exacting needs.

Lower Costs

Ready-mix concrete is site ready. You don't need to budget for raw materials, storage, or delivery expenses.

Better Resource Management

Using ready-mix concrete enables you to purchase exactly what you want for your small or large-scale construction. You can specify a specific mix volume and save money.

Saves Time

Concrete ready-mix, just like the name indicates, is ready for placement as soon as it gets to your site. It helps meet project deadlines.

How Much Ready Mix Concrete Do You Need?

If you're wondering about the volume of ready mix concrete your project needs, it's easy to calculate. Factors such as the size and scope of your project come into play. To be safe, you should contact professional ready mix concrete technicians to get an accurate estimate.

Should You Make Special Preparations When Working With Ready Mix Concrete?

Concrete ready-mix is ever ready for use onsite. You must ensure that large delivery trucks can access your site. You should prepare a storage area and have the right application tools ready. Your ready-mix contractor can help you with such preparations.

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