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Why Ready Mix Concrete Is Better Than Site-Mixed Concrete

by Gavin Jackson

You probably already know that concrete has to be mixed before it can be used. What you might not know if you are fairly new to working with concrete is that you have different options for acquiring mixed concrete. You can purchase concrete mix and mix it up yourself on-site, or you can have a team of professionals mix your concrete for you on-site. You also have the option to have ready mix concrete delivered, which is concrete that has already been properly mixed and is already ready for use. It's true that you can have a successful concrete project with any of these types of concrete. However, you might find that ready mix concrete is going to be the better solution for these reasons and more.

Ensure the Concrete is Consistently Mixed

There are many different things that can impact the quality of your concrete project, including the consistency of the concrete that has been poured. If concrete is mixed on-site, there is the possibility of environmental factors causing problems with the consistency, and there is a bigger chance for human error. You also have to worry about there being big differences in consistency from batch to batch. Ready mix concrete is mixed with the appropriate equipment in the appropriate setting and is much more consistent.

Avoid Running Out of Concrete

If you use a ready mix concrete company, you can ask them to bring along a large truck that is loaded with plenty of concrete when they come to your worksite. Then, you do not have to worry about you or the crew that is working on the project running out of concrete in the middle of the project.

Reduce the Cost of Hiring Concrete Professionals

If you are going to be hiring a crew to help with working with your concrete — such as if you are hiring professionals to install a concrete driveway for you on your residential property — then you should know that they might charge more for their time and labor if they have to mix up concrete on-site. If you have ready mix concrete delivered for them to work with, then you won't have to worry about these additional costs. Of course, different concrete professionals have different preferences about the concrete that they work with, so make sure that you ask your concrete professional ahead of time about whether or not it's acceptable for you to have ready mix concrete delivered to the job site.

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