Fixing Your Concrete Driveway

Tips For Approaching Commercial Concrete Leveling

by Gavin Jackson

Over the years, the concrete flooring in your commercial property may start to sag. You want to address this issue promptly before major structural repairs come into the picture. These tips can help you properly deal with commercial concrete leveling.

Identify Problematic Areas

The first order of business when addressing concrete leveling for a commercial space is first identifying problematic areas. What sections are starting to lower from the rest of the sections? Even if the unevenness is gradual, you still want to make a mental note.

You can then do a better job at explaining the problems to a professional concrete leveling company. They'll hear from you what areas need to be addressed, which helps them prepare the right materials and have a better idea of repair methods that will be necessary to get sections back to their original form.

Get Professional Repair Suggestions

Before you pick any one particular repair method for uneven concrete flooring in your commercial building, you want to get professional repair suggestions that lay out all possible paths.

Some repair contractors may suggest mud jacking, which is where small holes are drilled into sections of concrete slab for a special cement solution to go through and ultimately raise uneven sections.

Other contractors may recommend expanding structural foam, which is highly effective and cost-effective. You want all of these options broken down so that after all repair possibilities are out on the table, you can do what you're most comfortable with for your building's concrete flooring.

Opt For Minimally Impactful Procedures

Even though you want your concrete flooring to be evened out by a professional company, you don't want extreme measures taken that leave your commercial property susceptible to a lot of structural adjustments. That would end up costing you a lot of money and time.

It's better to go with a concrete leveling company that is capable of delivering minimally impactful procedures. They'll still be effective at raising concrete sections, but the procedures won't break up a lot of your building or leave behind a difficult cleanup that you have to deal with later on. The concrete leveling process should be refined as much as possible. 

Concrete flooring in commercial properties may not always stay level. If you're experiencing sinking issues, know that concrete levelers are fully capable of restoring these sections. You'll see great results, too, if you approach concrete leveling with a strategy that puts you in the best position as a client. 

To learn more about concrete leveling, reach out to a local concrete contractor.