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3 Reasons You Should Leave Concrete Slab Cutting To Concrete Contractors

by Gavin Jackson

Wet concrete contains a lot of water molecules within its structure. As the concrete dries, the capillary water is lost, which leads to shrinkage. If you do not control the shrinkage, the concrete gets an increase in tensile stress, and this leads to cracking, external deflection, and internal warping. Concrete sawing is the best way to control where the cracks will appear and help prevent other extensive damage to the concrete. 

Slab cutting or concrete sawing is a fragile process that leaves no room for mistakes. Here are the three main reasons you should leave slab cutting to concrete contractors.

You Do Not Know When to Saw Cut Concrete

Three main factors determine the ideal time to cut concrete: the prevailing weather conditions, the concrete's hardness, and the tools to be used in cutting. If you saw the concrete before it attains the needed dryness, it will unravel and leave behind an uneven, messy cut. If you cut when the concrete is too hard, the concrete will unevenly crack when curing. 

If the contractor is building the house during the summer, they can start the sawing process as early as four hours after pouring the concrete. On the other hand, when the weather is cooler, they may have to wait for at least half a day before they start cutting. The contractors will know how to check for raveling, which is the first sign that the concrete is not ready.

You Do Not Know Where to Saw Cut Concrete

Saw cutting is a sensitive process. The contractor does not just cut anywhere on the slab. They check for the center of the column lines because they are the best place to start the cutting process. They will also know how far apart to place the cuts depending on how much reinforcement the concrete has and it's shrinkage level. 

Contractors typically make the cuts more closely together when they use high shrinkage concrete.

You Do Not Know How to Saw Concrete

Contractors determine the sawing method using the slab's length and thickness and the type of base. A contractor also knows the right blade to use and how to hold it to reduce the mess they create during the sawing process.

The best way to ensure that you cut concrete slabs properly and your concrete does not crack unevenly is by hiring a competent slab cutting contractor. They have the right tools and techniques to run the process smoothly. Contact a concrete slab sawing service for more information.