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Why You Might Want To Use Straw Bale Construction For Your Next Structure

by Gavin Jackson

Bales of straw or hay are often thought of during the autumn season thanks to many people's memories of taking a hay ride when they were a kid. But bales of straw actually serve a very useful purpose when it comes to the construction of certain types of buildings or structures. Purchase straw bales from a local supplier and you may be able to use them for everything from the foundation to insulation when putting your new structure together. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to go this route on your next project.

Straw Is Renewable and Replenishable

We live in a world where far too few construction resources are made from recycled or easily renewable materials. Straw, on the other hand, isn't hard to get more of at all. By using straw instead of concrete or some other hard substance to support or insulate part of your structure, you will be lowering the environmental footprint of the entire project.

Straw Is Non-Toxic

Straw is also good for the environment when used as a building material for another reason. Straw is quite simply an all-natural product. There are no toxins or chemicals involved in its creation. When it's time to tear the structure down years from now, straw will not leave behind anything toxic either and it will be quite easy to disassemble or relocate the bales as needed.

Add Additional Insulation

Some home builders or construction companies working on other structures might even decide to use straw bales in addition to traditional insulation methods. By building an additional wall made out of straw bales, you will be further insulating the home or structure to a whole different level. Straw bales are versatile enough that they can be positioned however you like and used as a standalone source of insulation or in conjunction with other methods.

Help Support Your Local Farmers

Straw by itself, in its natural stalk form is essentially a waste product. Farmers every year are left grumbling when it's time to clean up their fields and they have to bundle up all of the excess straw. But by turning the straw into bales and then selling them to homeowners or construction company managers, the farmers can actually turn their waste into additional income. You'll be taking one person's trash and turning it into something quite useful. If you live in a farm-centered community, your efforts to build using straw bales will likely be greatly appreciated.

Keep these things in mind as you look for straw bales for sale.