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Where Does Basement Moisture Come From?

by Gavin Jackson

A dry basement is a happy basement. Unfortunately, water can creep in through a variety of different places, and not all of it has to come from the outside. Sometimes, a pipe that is dripping or condensation that is collecting on the floor can be the cause of moisture, and eventually, water damage. Below are some of the most common ways you may find moisture in your house; if you see any similar problem areas in your home, look for a contractor that can fix the situation immediately.

Slope Directing Toward the House

Foundations are not engineered to stand up to constant standing water, so when a contractor builds the house, they generally slope the ground away from the house. In some cases, you may find that the ground is actually going towards your house, which creates a pool-like effect where your house is at the bottom and all the water gravitates towards it. One of the best things you can do for basement waterproofing your house is simply to re-align the slope so that it diverts water away from your foundation. Another factor that can cause the same effect is improperly installed gutters. If the gutter doesn't direct the water away from the foundation or if it is clogged and is causing it to pool underneath, it's time for a repairman.

Cracks in the Walls or Ceilings

One of the best ways for water to get in anywhere is through a crack in your home. This is doubly true for your basement, as water travels down, possibly through several floors, until it finally pools in the bottom. But before you think about the walls and the ceiling, you should also inspect the cracks in your floors. Water can seep up through the crack in your foundation or basement floor and cause condensation, so make sure your basement waterproofing covers all angles.

Leaking Pipes

This is probably the most obvious source of water leakage, and it should definitely be the first place you check, but it's always surprising to see how many homeowners pay little though to a steady drip in their home. Even a tiny drip over time can cause major damage, so check your pipes regularly to make sure there's no leaking. Use plumber's tape to create a better seal, or call a contractor to come out and fix it if it's a bigger problem than you have the tools to handle yourself.

To learn more, contact a basement waterproofing contractor.