Fixing Your Concrete Driveway

Preparation Tips For Your First Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery

by Gavin Jackson

If you are putting in a new concrete patio or driveway and want to use ready mix cement for the project, then it's important you are properly prepared for the delivery. Once the cement mixing truck is on the road to your home, then it's too late to do too much preparation. When the cement mixer arrives at your home everything needs to be ready to go. This is important because cement requires a special mix and mixing time is limited. In addition, the concrete contractors likely have a packed day and will need to pour your cement into your pre-placed forms then quickly move on to their next job.

To ensure you are prepared for your ready mix concrete delivery, here are some tips.

Preparation Tip: Make Arrangements for an Early Morning Delivery

Since you are pouring a large concrete driveway or patio, it's ideal to take delivery of your cement early in the morning. By pouring in the early morning, you ensure it isn't too hot and the cement doesn't start to cure before it has been properly worked. This is essential if you want a solid concrete surface in the end.

Preparation Tip: Give Yourself a Full Day Between Setting the Cement Forms and Taking Delivery of the Cement

Since your cement forms need to be in place and ready to go the minute the cement mixer arrives, plan to have them in place a full day before the big day. This gives you plenty of time to make changes or adjustments if necessary.

Preparation Tip: Ensure Everyone Coming into Contact with the Cement is Dressed Properly

When cement is still wet, it is caustic and will damage your skin. Though you won't need to deal with dust since the cement is arriving pre-mixed, you do need to ensure everyone onsite has gloves, eye protection, and wears long sleeves and jeans to protect themselves from skin burns.

Preparation Tip: Know Ahead of Time You Have a Suitable Place for the Cement Mixer to Park

Lastly, it's important to note your ready-mix concrete truck will need a stable place to park that is nearby your project location. In fact, the heavy cement mixer will need a place that is flat and dry. In addition, the truck also needs easy access without having to deal with impossibly tight gate widths or other obstructions.

If you are concerned with access or a place for the cement mixer to park to offload, speak with your ready mix concrete supplier before your delivery date.