Fixing Your Concrete Driveway

How To Patch Asphalt With Cold Formula

by Gavin Jackson

The bad thing about small asphalt cracks is that they grow if left unattended. It is always a good idea to patch and repair your asphalt cracks as soon as you notice them, rather than waiting for them to become big and difficult to repair. Here is how to use cold formula asphalt patch to repair small cracks and holes in your asphalt.

Why Use Cold Formula

Cold formula asphalt patch is definitely the way to go for small jobs. Hot formula is only necessary for large patches. Most asphalt slabs are originally poured with hot formula. This makes sense for large job, but it is unnecessary for cracks, potholes, and the like. Hot formula asphalt is hard to work with it needs to be poured at a high, consistent heat. If the temperature fluctuates, the asphalt thickness can change. So, the logistics of keeping the small amounts at the right temperature are just not practical.

Prepping the Crack

First you need to prep the crack you are going to fill. make sure there are no weeds or grass growing out of the crack. Also make sure that the depth of the crack is even. That is, you might need to rake the dirt within the crack to smooth it out. You might even need to pour some extra dirt into the crack to fill in any large cavities that might be within the crack. Dirt is obviously cheaper than asphalt patch, so make sure you don't skip this step.

Pouring the Patch

The patch comes in easily pourable bottles. Make sure you shake the bottle before pouring it. You want to pour it into the crack until it overflows. Watch the patch as it settles. It will probably sink down below the crack, so you will want to top it off. Use a small squeegee to spread the asphalt flat. This will press it into the existing asphalt. Try to push down the edge so it blends in. You don't want to create a ridge that could become a trip hazard.

You can finish off the job by pouring some asphalt sealant over the patched area. If you do this, make sure you wait for the sealant to dry completely.

Fix your asphalt cracks as soon as you notice them. The longer you wait, the more difficult they will become to fix. For more information, talk to a concrete supplier.