Fixing Your Concrete Driveway

3 Creatively Concrete Ways To Spruce Up Your Dull Landscape

by Gavin Jackson

Looking for a way to add some visual interest and depth to your landscape? If so, concrete could easily be the material that you use to transform a humdrum landscape area from dull to creatively complementing for your home. Concrete is the ideal landscaping material because it's inexpensive, fairly easy to work with, and incredibly versatile. Whether you try to tackle a few small landscaping ideas with concrete on your own or you hire a professional concrete contractor, there are a few landscape design ideas that you might want to consider in your own yard.

Add dimensional interest with landscape retaining walls.

You don't necessarily have to have flat ground to have a need for a retaining wall. Retaining walls can add depth and dimension to an otherwise boring span of ground, and, they are not that difficult to install. Some homeowners choose to build a small retaining wall around the front of their home as a makeshift landscape border, but you could just as easily add a retaining wall out in an open area just to bring focus to specific features of your landscape, such as a flowering tree or rose bush. Even more appealing, retaining walls can be shaped and formed in an array of different styles by a good concrete contractor. 

Creatively complete flower beds with concrete curbs. 

Keep that creeping phlox from working its way out into the grass and that low-height greenery from spreading where it shouldn't be with something more permanent than individual landscaping border stones: concrete curbs. Colored concrete can be formed into an attractive, low-profile curb that rests just around your landscaping or flower beds for an added touch of aesthetic appeal. These curbs can be rounded or with sharp edges, depending on your own personal style preferences, but one thing is for certain: concrete curbs will far outperform other landscape borders that are more temporary in nature. 

Implement some textural interest with a stamped concrete walkway.

If when you think of concrete walkways or patios you conjure up images up a dull slab of gray, you should think again. Concrete can be shaped and formed in a myriad of ways. The material can be tinted a rainbow of colors and even stamped with textured designs to give it a more dynamic appearance. You may have even experienced a concrete walkway and thought it was brick, stone, or otherwise because a skilled contractor can use stamping tools and tinting methods to create some fascinating concrete designs.

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