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How To Create A Beautiful Patio

by Gavin Jackson

Are you getting ready to make a patio for outdoor entertaining? It's hard to believe that the cold winter months are behind you and spring is finally here. With summer just a few weeks away, you are probably anxious to get your new patio underway. From the floor to the ceiling, here are a few ideas on how to create a beautiful patio.

The Floor - Wooden decking would be really attractive for your patio floor. However, the wood will have to be re-stained every few years and maybe even every year. A better choice might be brick or flagstone. For something really attractive, think about contacting a cement company to pour cement that you can later paint. Cement is extremely affordable and it will last forever and a day. If you want something bold but simple, just paint it a bright color. Turquoise blue, brick red or even black would be very dramatic. Faux painting the cement to look like flagstone, pebble stone, brick or wood would also work well. The great part about faux painting on cement is that, even with the passage of time, the design you select will still look good after it has weathered. It's easy to care for, too. Just sweep it and use your garden hose to thoroughly clean it.

A Cooking Area - Do you plan to have an outdoor kitchen? If so, get the cement company to create a space that will keep the mess away from your seating area. Choose the same type of floor for your cooking area, but separate it both physically and visually with a border. For example, if you have chosen to faux paint your cement to look like flagstone, add the look of bricks around the edge of the cooking area.

The Decor - Start with the furniture. Outdoor wicker, rustic wood or wrought iron are all great choices. Any of those can be painted the color of your choice, too. Think of how you'll be entertaining. If you'll be wanting to seat your guests, choose a table and chairs. If you want more informal types of meals, choose small occasional tables and chairs that can be placed in different types of groupings, depending on the number of guests you have. Add a hanging bench swing to add interest and seating space. Buy pots of different shapes and sizes and fill them with things like ferns, succulents, and flowering plants. Hanging plants and decorative bird feeders would be a nice touch.

The Roof - A great idea would be to have a retractable awning. Besides being attractive, you would have the option of closing it on beautiful days when you want to see the sun or of opening it because of inclement weather. 

When you shop for decor for your patio, don't forget to check nurseries, antique shops and resale shops for one-of-a-kind pieces that will add beauty to your patio.

For more information and assistance, talk with a cement company in your area, such as Hanson Aggregates.