Fixing Your Concrete Driveway

The Benefits Of Self-Repairing Concrete Products

by Gavin Jackson

Over time, even strong and durable concrete can crack. This can lead to various problems which may be very expensive to correct. However, a product has been designed that may help prevent these problems from occurring. This product is applied to the surface of concrete when the first signs of tiny cracks become visible. With the help of heat from the sunlight, a protective seal is created to prevent small cracks from spreading into large breaks in the concrete. Researchers believe that this product can make concrete last much longer if it is treated during the early stages of cracking. These are some of the ways this product could be beneficial to everyone.

Preserving Concrete Structures

Whether it is residential or commercial, concrete is used in a wide variety of different structures. Many homes have concrete foundations or basements under them. Commercial buildings are often built of solid concrete to keep them standing for many years. Many bridges and roadways have concrete included in their make-up as well.

If small cracks are treated with self-repairing concrete products, nearly any type of concrete structure or road can be repaired more easily. These products create a long lasting seal once applied that prevent cracks from spreading and chipping off. This may also prevent rain and moisture from creeping into the cracks, which often triggers the growth of mold.

Saving on the Cost of Repairs

It is not uncommon for the cost of a concrete repair job to be almost as expensive as the initial installation, However, purchasing the product to seal off cracks is much more affordable. This can save money for homeowners who need to repair cracks in the concrete around their homes.

County and state funding may also be saved by using self-repairing concrete products. For example, sealing off cracks in sidewalks is more economical than replacing the sidewalks completely.

Easier Application

Another benefit of self-repairing concrete products is how easily they are applied. Many of these products are available in a spray form that can be sprayed directly on the cracks in concrete. This requires less time and energy than concrete patching or replacement.

Safer for the Environment

When concrete is being replaced, it often creates large clouds of concrete dust that flow through the air. When this happens, it  pollutes the air and can trigger breathing problems for those who are applying it or those who are nearby.

When self-repairing concrete products are used, there is no dust during application. Whether the products are applied with a brush or sprayed on, polluting the air can be avoided.

Self-repairing concrete products can also be applied around the base of concrete foundations of a home. This helps create a tight seal that prevents water from seeping through during heavy rainfall. Talk to a company like Michael Bianco & Sons to learn more about new innovations in concrete repair.